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"Find your inner truth and Live your unbridled primal power!"

Emmanuelle Collinet - Transformative Body & Soul Guardian for Women 

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Your life demands change in order for you to be authentic, free and powerful?

You’ve reached a point in your life that makes you want to fundamentally change things?

​Let go of the old and rediscover your inner strength- create new and awaken your inner goddess.


My  counseling is catered to visionary women who are at a turning point in relation to their role as woman, mother or significant other.

 I will support you in 

  • Finding, living and embracing your Soul Purpose.

  • Creating a sacred space within you during your different phases of womanhood.

  • Experiencing a self-determined and confident pregnancy and childbirth

  • Transforming and integrating birth experiences in order to fully and wholeheartedly enjoy this, your miracle.

  • Following your heart and be in harmony with everything that is. 

  • Finding your potential and your inner wisdom and using it.

  • Uncovering all your facets bit by bit to make your light shine with this newly released power.

  • Fearlessly embracing the weirdness of life!


I want to inspire you to lead a fulfilled, sincere, healthy and deeply connected life.

I will guide you, so you can arrive within yourself, and in

YOUR life.

Are you ready?

Let’s fly!​

Sowohl als Medium, als auch als Kanal diene ich seit Kindheitstagen an der göttlichen Quelle, um sowohl bei meiner Leib- als auch Seelenarbeit Energien & Botschaften zu channeln.

Ich leite, als Botin des Lichts & der Liebe, die transformativen Prozesse ein, die du zur Erkennung und Entfaltung deiner Seelenaufgabe brauchst.

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Find your divine creative power with the help of energetic bodywork 

Über mich

A little about me

My Story

Ever since I was a child, I have been able to perceive people's ethereal fields, understood their uniqueness and have been able to connect with them from heart to heart. Through this natural urge of deep connection I have placed myself entirely in the service of love. Love for myself, for humanity and our mother earth.

After graduating from university with various degrees like education, psychology, children's rights , acting and voice acting, I have opened my heart to be able to use my gift and live my Soul Purpose. 

In Mexico I have finished my vocational training as a Polarity and Craniosacral therapist and have been the CEO of the Polarity Association Germany for three years.

In India I have completed a master training about Trauma Healing and “Rescuing the inner child” with the wonderful Bruce Burger.​

I had the great privilege to learn about the power and magic of Yoga with​ Eleanora Lipton (Intuitive Yoga) and Tracy Griffiths (Aroma Yoga®). This knowledge along with my path as a Mujer Medicina  I have combined in All Senses Yoga®.

My main focus is the intuitive and transformative experience during the Yoga practice.

Since 2019 I am offering the Aroma Yoga® Teacher Training online in the german speaking realm. 

Through the strength and wonder mother earth has gifted me with, I will guide you as medium, Mujer Medicina and transformative body & soul coach in your most important spiritual moments; even as a doula during the time of holy conception, pregnancy and through birth.​


I have found my calling by supporting women in their spiritual growth and the rediscovery and strengthening of their feminine power of creation.

With them I dive into the world of yoga and essential oils, energy healing, Polarity Therapy and meditation, into the magic of women's circles and sweat lodges. 


I often describe myself as a child of the world; I  have lived in many places where I have been involved with and influenced by the Universe and the Indigenous people. In Mexico, I met my soul mate, Frank Mattle. We are currently traveling the world together with our enchanting daughter Adah-Aimée Tonantzin.

The All Senses® Family organizes healing retreats, gives sessions, makes music and and is looking forward to enjoying the lightness of being from their bus and tent. 

Rituals and Ceremonies

I will accompany you in the most important moments in your life.


To meet souls with mindfulness is my highest priority when working with you.

Whether it’s  Childbirth, Baptism or Matrimony, I always draw from my connection to the 5 elements and the higher source.

Upon request i will create a celebration, your celebration with sounds, singing, healing and moving words and rituals I was able to learn and pick up on my spiritual path over the years in Mexico and all over the world.

Together we will create a celebration meeting your individual needs that will be unique and unforgettable for you and yours.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information and a non binding consultation.

Image by Diana Polekhina

Aroma Yoga® Teacher Training

Dive into the world of essential oils and become part of the Aroma Yoga Family


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This training is open to everyone who longs for more originality, more connection to nature as well as the elements and above all for more connection to oneself!


You do not need to be a yoga teacher to participate in this training. If you have the desire to learn more about essential oils in combination with transformative energy exercises and to share this knowledge, then Aroma Yoga® and I are the right place for you!

Moisés García


Caroline Amouzou-Charlier

Speech Therapist, Systemic Coach

Dearest Emmanuelle!
I had the pleasure of getting to know you in a one on one session which had such  a deep effect on me. For instance the welcoming of Baby number two, this little orchid that you felt while working with me and made me at least envision something blooming inside of me with my inner eye.
In this Setting you put your hands on me and helped me feel myself and regain trust in my body. Even my long term lower back pain was gone after!
Two days ago i was lucky enough to have your help and guidance again, breathing, replacing my ego with my truth, my essence and my trust in myself and my children. Influenced by your confidence in trusting our children, the drama just melted away. I thought i wasn’t going to be able to sleep that night but after your phone consultation i slept, my children beside me, to let them know and feel that i now understand that they trust me and that i will do my best to give that trust back to them!
The conversations with you are such a powerful and yet calming inspiration. To see the importance of following one's individual truth because that’s what gives you the strength to reach anything, like happiness and light!
Thank you!


Marketing expert, Yoga teacher, founder of Essenz. Yoga.

Learning the Polarity General Session with Emmanuelle was such an enrichment for me! were Not just because I was able to practise a complete body energy session but because I have learned so much about myself. Emmanuelle guided our little group ( a lot more potential to learn more that way) through each  and every phase, was mindful of our needs and gave us a lot of space for GROWTH. Her empathy and her unique gifts and her ability to explain things in such a clear language are definitely a plus! I felt empowered in all my doing, was able to be myself with all my facets and was motivated to discover myself over and over by constant reflection. The All Senses Yoga Session was a real highlight for my self care.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Erika Lind


When we first started to talk about my lower back pains with Emmanuelle, she brought up a few other symptoms I might have in my body as a result of it. They were all true and I was hooked. My lower back has been a cause of pain, more so about a decade ago but even to this day, it comes and goes. Even if there isn't pain, it's very stiff, causing my body as a whole to be stiff. When I laid down on the table and Emmanuelle began working on my back, there was excruciating pain. She told me my muscles were extremely tense and stiff. She encouraged me to let go of the pain and breathe into it. As I did, the pain became more tolerable. Gradually the pain subsided and I drifted into glorious bliss. During and after the treatment, she told me a few things about me. Things I hadn’t told her, but things she’d found out while treating my lower back. They were all very personal to me. They were the pain stored in my lower back. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since. This woman has a gift and if I lived in the same country as her, I'd keep going back. I highly recommend her to everyone, she's a lovely person, who will take really good care of you.

Martina Barwitzki


I am incredibly grateful that the path I took sent me to this powerful and inspiring polarity introductory course.
My expectations were exceeded by far. Guided by such  a wonderful woman like Emmanuelle, within her a never ending source of love and kindness. Her empathetic and giving hands and words have moved me so much. Guided me into a harmonic flow and helped me learn a new technique that i can now gift to others. I feel lifted up by this feeling of unity, of connection to these incredibly kind and strong women i was able to share this experience with in this course- The General Session.
Amazing that i had the chance to experience these things in a safe space.​



Stephanie Renardy


I am very much looking forward to hearing from you, connecting with you and accompanying you in your process back into your essence, individually and heart-to-heart.


Love & Light,



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