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"We, the human beings

are such a marvel!"

Emmanuelle Collinet

Biomagnetic treatment

Biomagnetism according to Dr. Goiz Duran 

Our organism is an unbelievable being in itself, that performs unimaginable things second by second, repairs, renews, heals.


Through my many travels in all possible countries and areas of the world, I quickly realized that I needed an all-time available medical support for myself and my small family. I wanted to be independent from doctors and hospitals. That's how I came across Medical Biomagnetism according to Dr. Goiz Duran, in which I trained in 2019. Since then, I have been treating my clients both on-site with biomagnetism and remotely with bioenergetics.

The biomagnetic couple

According to Dr. Goiz's theory, a pathology always involves 2 connected body tissues called a "biomagnetic pair". Each pair corresponds to 2 body sites and one pathology, e.g. "rib-arch-liver" is the biomagnetic pair for Lyme disease. In the case of a disease, there is an over-acidity at one pole of this pair (plus pole) and an under-acidity of the pH at the other pole (minus pole). In an acidic environment, viruses and fungi accumulate. In an alkaline (basic) environment, bacteria and parasites accumulate.

The diagnosis

The therapist places a magnet specifically on different parts of the body, checking the patient's leg length. If the therapist encounters an alkaline environment, the entire right side of the body reacts with a contraction; whereas, in an acidic environment, it reacts with an expansion. The leg shortens or lengthens by 1-4 cm. This phenomenon is a natural physical reaction of the organism, which immediately disappears when the magnet is removed.

The treatment

As soon as the positive pole of a second magnet is simultaneously placed on the corresponding partner point, the body symmetry is restored. The electric current established by the biomagnetic pair deprives the pathogenic microorganisms of their disease-causing power. After about 20 minutes the biomagnetic pair is completely depolarized (neutralized) or the natural environment is restored. The magnets can be applied on the dressing clothes.

Treatment examples

  • Arthritis, rheumatism

  • Injuries e.g. bone fractures

  • Diseases of the locomotor system e.g. sciatica, neck pain, back pain, lumbalgia, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, knee pain, sprains etc.

  • Acute and chronic infections

  • Acute and chronic pain e.g. headache, migraine

  • Allergies

  • Hormonal disorders e.g. menopausal complaints

  • Diabetes mellitus

  • Complaints of the digestive tract

Frequently asked questions about biomagnetism

Does biomagnetism have contraindications?

Biomagnetism is completely painless and safe and has no side effects. The only contraindication is if the patient wears a pacemaker or is undergoing chemotherapy.


How many sessions does it take to see a result?

It depends on the pathology, so the number of sessions cannot be determined exactly. If it is the elimination of a simple infection caused by bacteria, for example, one session is usually enough. If the pathology is more complex, the treatment must be seen as a process that may take several sessions and require constant monitoring of progress and the use of complementary therapies if necessary.


What are the advantages of biomagnetism?

The application of Medical Biomagnetism is free of unwanted side effects, non-drug, painless and has a supportive effect on other treatments. It can be used both preventively and within an acute disease process.

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