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“Polarity is about the journey back home."

Dr. R. Stone

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is the art and science of stimulating and balancing the flow of life energy within the human being.


It looks at us humans from a holistic point of view - we are more than just our bodies. Health, and being healthy, is about so much more than just our bodies. Being healthy means taking into consideration the whole of our being, emotionally and spiritually as well as physically.


Polarity consists of four pillars: bodywork, coaching, polarity yoga and nutrition. Love and mindfulness are their foundations.

One of the reasons for why I fell in love with Polarity is because it encourages taking responsibility of yourself and of your life and that ultimately leads to a higher self-esteem. Polarity gives us a number of ways to maintain a balanced way of living.


I feel blessed to have found Polarity, it’s truly my calling - a life in the compassionate service of the healing arts. I see and listen with my hands, and communicate with people without talking. All the work is done with energy.



Polarity is a holistic approach to your health combining Eastern and Western healing methods including Ayurveda, reflexology, osteopathy and energetic anatomy. It strengthens the harmony between body, mind and soul. We can find the five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth in our bodies as well as in nature. These elements are associated with organs and other body parts. They are all interrelated and their equilibrium affects the body, mind and soul. If the interaction of the five elements is restored, energy can flow freely and the self-healing system takes over.

"Polarity is the state of connectedness in love and compassion, because energy

is given".

Emmanuelle Collinet



Love and mindfulness are the basic foundations of Polarity. The founder, Dr. Stone describes it as:

"I have spoken at length about the heart, because it is at the center of each treatment (...). If you want to live a fuller and richer life, you must open your heart first to love and life (...). The goal of any treatment is to help the people to develop a very specific ability - the ability to give and receive love." Dr. R. Stone


When I work with clients, I meet them in the absolute origin of our beings. There are no social concepts, dependencies or the ego. In this state, there’s only energy which can also be called neutral love. I feel truly connected to the person when we meet at the core, and can see her/his true self. This compassionate, selfless place allows me to bring the universal energy back into balance. Through this energy, my client can cure what’s necessary and identify, accept and connect to her/his true self.



Body energy work is often the focus in a Polarity session because accumulated energy often manifests itself as pain or discomfort. The Polarity session helps release that energy and get back to its natural flow to get rid of blockages. This is achieved by varying the intensity of the touch. With pulsating massage, rocking motions or deep pressure point techniques, I solve tense muscles, poor postures, stress and physical and mental pain. This gives resistance a run and room for healing.



The accompanying talk or coaching plays a very important role in helping you realize the state of your mind, body and soul. I always start with a (structural) anamnesis and usually keep the dialogue going in the following sessions. The aim is for you to learn to understand and read your body and to incorporate those lessons in your everyday life.

For those who don’t want to or can’t talk, don’t worry, we’ll communicate on a non-verbal level which is just as effective.



Polarity yoga doesn’t require you to be a professional. It consists of easy stretching and meditative relaxation exercises which are often combined with conscious breathing and sounds. The aim is to support the individual process of the previous Polarity treatments, to supply the tissues and organs with vitality, reduce stress and develop body-awareness. The exercises only need a few minutes a day to be fully effective and they will be tailored to your needs and process.



This is a hot topic as many are frustrated or confused with what’s really the best way for them to eat. I find the Polarity approach a fairly simple and logical one. Polarity approaches it through the five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. All of these elements are also associated with certain foods.

The aim is to explore what your body and soul actually needs to be nourished with and the impact of food on your body and soul.

Was kann Polarity für dich tun


Polarity offers you ideal support in:

  • Prevention

  • Maintaining your health

  • Promoting well-being

  • Relaxation

  • Pain, tension, (sports) injuries, malpositioning, spine back and joint problems, slipped disc, migraine, weak organs, menstrual problems (PMS), (chronic) insomnia, pneumonia and many more

  • Nervous conditions, psychological stress, depressive disorders and burnout

  • Severe diseases such as cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, after accidents and operations

  • Pregnancy and post-birth

  • Trauma treatment

  • “Inner Child” work

The energetic bodywork takes mostly place on a massage table, above the clothing. Please bring comfortable clothes, and when your everyday life allows it, take the day off after the treatment.


Polarity does not replace the care of a doctor.




"Life is energy in motion“ (Dr. R. Stone),. All life, all processes are energy. This includes disease, health and healing. According to Dr. Stone, we are physically and mentally healthy, as long as our energy can flow freely. If it can’t, we are blocked and begin to feel uncomfortable and ill. When we resolve the cause for this energy accumulation, then the energy can flow freely again and we begin to heal. Because everything that flows, cleans itself.


SINGLE SESSION                      60 Min         95€

SINGLE RETREAT                     3 DAYS    1400€

SINGLE RETREAT                     7 DAYS    2800€




All prices are exclusive of 19% VAT.


Dear Emmanuelle,

Several weeks have passed since you have treated my foot. That´s why I can definitely say by now that you helped me incredibly. Trough your work, the recurring pain after the surgery was at first alleviated and by now is eliminated. My professional life was determined through the logical structures of the bits and bytes of  huge computers. And now, only after two treatments with you I understand I have to learn to think in a different way. Because, besides of the great pain relieve I experienced hours after the session a state of such wellbeing, an escape from everyday worries and fears. Thanks again. I hope that with your gift you can heal and help many sick people.

Warm regards, 

Jochen W., Pensioner, Germany

Dear Emmanuelle,

You were a godsent that came into my life through a mutual friend.
We met spontaneously and I had the great pleasure and fortune to feel your hands which touched my body in such a powerful, tender and sincere way. An old, deep seated source of pain finally resolved. The pain was intense and freeing at once. I am incredibly happy to have been able to feel a part of myself with this intensity . The beginning of an inner cleansing process, that made room for the new. I am “set” and whole and tall again. THANK YOU so much for your care and your loud but calm presence!
In deep gratitude,

Anna-Maria B., Artist, Germany

Dear Emmanuelle,
I have met you in a very sad time in my life and remain glad and grateful for it. You have guided me to my inner core  and helped me accept everything the way it is.
You are a wonderful person and a great gift for me. 
Thanks for everything. 

Mirka Hellemacher, Germany


The polarity introductory course with Emmanuelle was like an intense and riveting journey destination, unknown. In the beginning it was my sole intention to simply learn a new technique, i quickly realised that this was going to go deeper. A journey to my inner core.Emmanuelle created an atmosphere that allowed everything that needed to come to the surface to do so. In these three days we didn't just gain theoretical  and practical knowledge, we gained self awareness, evolvement and shed some tears (not just out of sadness but out of joy or because we were moved). Looking back I feel  deep gratitude to have been able to experience this, to have practised and learned this method and to continue my path strengthened and full of trust. ​

Sandra Zitzen, graduate, March 2019

♥  How satisfied were you with the course?

"It was wonderfully harmonic in the flow. I felt well taken care of and guided.”

​"I was very satisfied with the course, both personally and with the overall content.” 

​♥    This is what you liked most about the course:

"The incredible closeness, to feel this deep sense of love, to be allowed to pass on this caring, beautiful energy with such an amazing technique. Sisterhood Energy: To hold this beautiful space for self healing, to feel, to experience.
​"the high amount of practical learning and the appreciative atmosphere in which each participant was able to develop their skills."

​♥    Were you able to expand your skills with the course?

" Absolutely, the immediate bodywork was a new approach to me and my heart grew wiser."

 "Definitely, yes.Not only was I able to develop new tools and expand my competence but also they way i treat myself and others.”

​♥  This is what I appreciate about Emmanuelle:

"Her respectful nature, her gift of really seeing a person and the enthusiasm for her work."

"Your never ending resources of love and kindness, these wonderfully healing words that constantly come from you, your strength and your humility!"

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