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Welcome to the official

Aroma Yoga® Teacher Training!


This course is for everyone! You don’t have to be a Yoga teacher to participate. If you want to learn how to create serenity, wellness and transformation using essential oils and simple energy exercises, then you have found the right place here with me and Aroma Yoga®!


After successful graduation from this course you can teach your own Aroma Yoga® courses and have permission to use the registered trademark Aroma Yoga®.

Teaching Aroma Yoga® is absolutely worth it. One of the things i love about it the most is the atmosphere in which unity and wellness can thrive. People leave these courses energized, with a feeling of clarity, strength and happiness. There is an unmistakable transformation that happens both for your students and yourself with each course!



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This Training will approximately take three months.

All course modules take place online via the Adobe Connect-Website.
You will have access to previously recorded training sessions to prepare you for our live webinars.The live webinars  are also recorded and sent to you after every class.

Each live class is very interactive and gives  participants the opportunity to really dive deep into the material, ask in depth questions and practice. Course fee: 859€ (netto)


After Module III there will be an additional fee of 150€ for a private session.


Module I:


The elements of water & air activate your creative power, access to your inner world and heart connection.


Find your personal business intention with the help of your heart's desires.

Get to know the effective coaching tool "Soul Desire Compass®" (according to Nina Pettenberg) for your new role as Aroma Yoga® practitioner

Your uniqueness: Which offer makes you shine? Create your future self that corresponds to you


Authentic marketing is always a journey that starts with ourselves! Even before you start your marketing on the outside, find out who you actually are and what your deep heart desires are. When you start your marketing journey with yourself, you will achieve more depth and clarity. This will also be reflected in your external appearance. 


Date: Full day workshop 10/22/2022 10:00am- 5:00pm.

Module II:


The element ether (space) strengthens your expressiveness, communication and presence


Intuitive Writing: Develop your own language

Your Community: Who do you want to work with?

Your network: Bring your presence to the outside


Once you've figured out who you are and what makes you special, build that specialness into your external presence. Remember that these characteristics make you look authentic and human to the outside world: Who are you, how do you speak, which ideal customers are attracted to your offer?


Date: Full-day workshop 10/22/2022 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Module III:


The earth element gives you valuable structure, the firepower gets you into execution


Content: tips for storytelling 

Marketing basics: Intro social media channels, designs with Canva

Online video conference: ZOOM intro for your online yoga offer  


We deal with concrete marketing channels to make your offer visible. This is about basic knowledge, which channels make sense for you and your offers and where you can best reach your target group. In addition, you will learn how good storytelling can help you to convey your authentic content to the outside world and which tools you can use to prepare your contributions in a coherent manner.


Date: 12.11.2022 (10.00 -13.00 h)

Other needed materials

Martina and Emmanuelle met over 10 years ago on a joint project, their paths crossed again (definitely not by chance) a few years ago. Since then they are connected not only by their warm friendship, but also by their common love for holistic work with Polarity, Yoga and essential oils.


Martina Barwitzki introduces herself:

My life motto: Make life essential! As a joie de vivre visionary (living in Vienna) I love to bring people to their full vitality. With my experience from 10 years of event marketing/ PR and communication and my current job as a marketing manager in a consulting firm, I support you in your visibility - with authentic marketing that matches your essence.

As a trained yoga teacher (500h+) with advanced training in Aroma Yoga® and as an Inner Balance Coach, I integrate marketing and coaching knowledge with body-oriented approaches (from yoga) and essential oils to a special concept.


I am looking forward to share with you the transformative power of Aroma Yoga®  as an official German Aroma Yoga® teacher, so you can pass on the knowledge and together we can make the world a little healthier and stronger! 

If you have any questions about the course content or need any help, please send an e-mail to martina@glow-sistant.com 

Love & Light,