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"I live with the seasons and thereby find into my true nature."

Emmanuelle Collinet

All Senses® SeasonLover

Rituals and Ceremonies

Each season has its own special energy to which we attune ourselves mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. 

By acknowledging the power and magic of nature and its elements and lovingly embracing their expressions as a gift, we live in harmony with the nature within us. 

Our cells are re-tuned and find back into their free, original vibration.

We feel well and inner peace can arise within us. The peaceful field opens the space for healing on all levels. 


In this "All Senses®- SeasonLover" I invite you to recognize the main elements of the seasons as your helpful companions and to use their power for you.


You will learn how to deal with the elements and their qualities on the subtle, energetic level as well as on the gross, external physical level in a positive way for you in everyday life.

In this way you will playfully and for your highest good transform any resistance and the return to an intimate connection with nature and its beings can be experienced again. 


Through this intensive work you will receive initiations that will enable you to come into close connection with nature and its beings. 

I AM nature.

I have always been part of it and never anything else. 

Recognize and learn...

Creation holds everything ready for me, I only have to see it.

I AM one with the elements of natureI AM one with myself. 

I AM SeasonLover.


Training contents

6 online meetings each 2-3 intensive hours in the group


1st meeting: Attunement, clarification and preparation of your breeding ground through love seeds. 

Participation in this meeting is a prerequisite for all other meetings. 


2nd-5th meeting: Connection with the elemental expressions of each season through individual initiations and rituals.


6th meeting: is dedicated to the closing ceremony and celebration.


After registering for the "All Senses® SeasonLover" you will receive detailed information about the contents and the materials you need to prepare for the rituals and the ceremony. 


The All Senses® Season Lover -Autumn has already begun. 


From January 2023 the SeasonLover -Winter will begin.

If you can answer yes to these questions, then this course is for you.

* Are you ready to listen to the voice of your heart and act on it?

* Do you recognize that everything is laid out in you for self-healing?

* Do you know and feel the power of our Mother Earth and her beings?

* Do you hear the call to reconnect with them?

* Do you feel the divinity within you and do you believe in the Source of All Being?

* Do you recognize yourself as a light-filled being who is important for the healing of this world? 

* Are you willing to serve and let go of control?

* Are you familiar with my work?

If all these aspects are in harmony with you, then I am happy about your registration. Being humble before the power and might of the invisible is a prerequisite for a time of learning and working together. I ask you to be very accurate with yourself here. 


If there is any discrepancy beforehand, please look at it first and try to transform it. Please register only afterwards. If you do not succeed on your own and you still hear the call to participate loudly, then first book a single session of soul awakening with me.

After that you will be absolutely ready for this intensive autumn time! 


I am looking forward to you!

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