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“Take care of your body,

it's the only place you have to live."Jim Rohn

EEE Massage® 

by Emmanuelle Collinet


Energy. Rejuvenation. Relaxation.

For all massages I use high-quality carrier oils and, if desired, essential oils from Young Living.

Classical massage 



Full body massage 

The full body massage is designed to relax tense and overworked or injured muscles and to increase blood flow. Fused fasciae will be loosened due to the increased blood flow  and toxins stored within the muscle tissue will  be released. This increases your wellbeing as well as soothes pain.

60min // 63€    90min // 93€

Pregnancy massage


This is for all expentant mothers who are suffering from sore and neck and shoulders, experience back pain and lower back pain or swollen feet. You will be on your side for the duration of the massage which will help you connect to your baby, to achieve a positive body image and alleviate pain.

60min // 63€    90min // 93€

Special shoulder neck massage

For people suffering from stress related headaches, migraines or jaw dysfunction.The combination of craniosacral therapy and specific massage techniques allows to alleviate the pain in a gentle but effective way. Putting the focus on the surrounding muscles of neck,shoulders and head, stretching techniques and acupressure are combined with the massage targeting the tense areas of the muscle.

30 min // 33€    60min // 63€    90min // 93


Holistic massage therapy​


Foot zone massage

On our feet we have reflex points that connect to our organs as well as our bones and overall bodily functions. These points are stimulated with essential oils and a gentle massage. The foot massage  allows you to enter a deep relaxation that goes far beyond what a general massage is able to achieve.

30 min // 33€    60min // 63€    90min // 93€


Essential oil Massage

For this full body massage I am using high quality essential oils by Young Living
The combination of skin friendly jojoba, almond or v6 oils and natural organic essential oils create a unique and wonderful experience. The essential oils are chosen individually depending on your symptomatic pattern on either physical or emotional levels. The massage consists of firm massage grips to soft vibrations and strokes.

60min // 73€    90min // 110€


Chakra oil massage

Similar to the essential oil massages I use high quality essential oils from Young Living. The combination of skin friendly jojoba, almond or v6 oil with  organic natural essential oil develops its true potential in this session. the essential oils are selected individually, depending on the symptom pattern within your chakras. Each of your chakras will be touched in its own unique way, changing from firm massage grips to gentle vibrations and strokes.

60min // 73€    90min // 110€

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