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"We are  conscious beings living a human experience."

Emmanuelle Collinet

Soul Awakening

Activate your irrepressible power 

We "kiss" your soul awake to set the first important impulses for your life design. In this energetic coaching I will accompany you to find your shadows and blockages in order to give more space to your personal soul desire.

When was the last time you asked yourself what you really want?

What does your heart speak to you?

Listen more closely to what your soul wants to tell you under my guidance.

I hold the space for your soul dialogue.


This soul awakening enables you to be free of lack and limitations, so that you can live your essence in fullness and follow your heart's path. I support you to trust your inner wisdom and to live it easily, joyfully and alive. In mindfulness with yourself you create your life on your own authority, with a good conscience and feeling in all the steps you take.

Individual session

A personal coaching session is a first door opener to start the journey to your soul and your soul desires!


In this 90 minute online coaching session, we give your essence core more space to show and express itself.


I accompany you in your process to gently and clearly meet your essence again.

All coaching sessions take place ONLINE.


Duration: 90 min

Intensive Coaching

Coaching package for inner wisdom and unbridled power.

Included in your coaching package:

  • 10 x individual sessions of 1,5 hours (online)

  • individually composed and guided coaching tasks

  • energetic support during this time

  • Telegram support from Mo-Mi 10:00- 17:00 (you can contact me at any time during this period and I will support you in your needs)

  • Supportive meditations

  • Inner child healing and trauma healing

  • Polarity Yoga Exercises

I look forward to this journey together with you!

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