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by Emmanuelle Collinet

Do you want to relax, energize, connect to your body and feel complete?

Polarity Yoga in combination with essential oils can help you reach this state.

What is Polarity Yoga?

Polarity Yoga consists of simple but intense exercises which connect us to the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) within ourselves. With this form of yoga, you stay in a position for a longer while, to deeply connect to your body, feel it and learn to read and let go of blockages. These exercises are able to vitalise the energy flow of your body, activate your self healing mechanisms and heighten your vitality and strength. The stretch and movement positions as well as the meditative relaxation positions all serve the purpose of strengthening body, soul and consciousness.

The Squat: An elementary exercise in Polarity Yoga.

An explanation


What is All Senses Yoga®?

These essential oils, each one representing an element will intensify your experience during the Polarity Yoga exercises and help opening you up.

That way several of your senses are activated at once and you will work on your posture, your flexibility and your physical as well as your mental strength.  


The exercises especially stimulate the cerebrospinal fluid, which is the basis for a healthy and happy body, spirit and soul.

On top of that I use sounds and music to further support  you  in intensifying your inner work.


I work exclusively with Young Living products.

Silke Barthel

Yoga teacher

Dear Emmanuelle,


I prefer practising a very active form of yoga (it’s how I teach it) I am not a very spiritual person but yet I deem things normal that others would call spiritual (who decides what’s normal anyway?) and I am open to new experiences. That is why  I came to you. The combination of the essential oils with the effective exercises deeply moved me. Physically as well as spiritually. 

Tuesday, my daughter went to England and the sorrow of departure had started to present itself during your course. The grounding, letting go and the smell of the essential oils definitely activated something within me. On Friday I was more alert, full of energy but at the same time more relaxed. It was amazing. 

The effect of the essential oils really impressed me. 

What I liked the most however, was you and your energy. You are glowing from within and it’s quite clear that you do this with all your heart but yet with the greatest of ease. I love that your approach is undogmatic and you offer different things and how you make it possible to even talk about difficult things with a smile. That makes you so unique. Thank you so much for a wonderful time.
Love, Silke Barthel, yoga teacher

Helga Hirsch

Participant, author, yoga teacher for children

Dear Emmanuelle,
Thank you so much for the aromatic workshop!

After 1,5 years of insomnia I slept for 6 hours last night (usually it’s more like 1-3 hours) !


I feel like a baby in a mother’s arms!

Thank you, Helga

Caren Welting


Annika Auer


After an AromaYoga session I am more connected with myself, my being and the great All-One again. It helps me to remember: my light, my power and the strength of the elements. And to feel the connection to EVERYTHING and ME. 🙏💜

During an aroma yoga class with Emmanuelle I feel myself coming back to the here and now. 
My body becomes softer, my breath flows deeply, my head rests for a while and my heart becomes wide. 
Through this yoga - supported by the wonderful oils - sometimes even healing tears flow, releasing what has accumulated.
This time makes me feel so much at home. 
It is different, soothing, touching, again and again and every time anew. 
I wouldn't want to miss it for the world 😊🙏💫.

Nathalie Collinet


After an aroma yoga class with Emmanuelle I feel in close contact with myself and very relaxed - both mentally and physically - the oils open the senses wonderfully.

Kerstin Steenbock


After an aroma yoga lesson with Emmanuelle, I am incredibly connected to myself. I always get to know myself anew and leave the units strengthened. I recommend that everyone should make this appointment with themselves.

All Senses Yoga® with Healing Sounds

with Frank Mattle

A journey back  to your inner power with Polarity Yoga, essential oils and natural sounds.

Frank Mattle  will put you in a state of deep connection.

You will experience joy, completeness and healing within yourself.

Frank Mattle will accompany the 2,5 hour long workshops with his Hang (Steelpan), native american flutes, Sansula und singing bowls.

This combination of instruments will touch every level of sense and transport you to your very source.


Prepare for a very intense detox and a deeply touching experience.

"A wonderful experience for body and soul. It grounds you and brings you closer to yourself. The music and the essential oils help letting go of your daily worries and just calm down. Amazing team, I am so grateful for this experience."

Susanne Jacobi, Participant


"Simply wonderful, powerful and so valuable, the things you touched on, the way you moved me in these 3 hours. Thank you for that." 🙏

Vanessa Pähler, Participant

Frank Mattle, Klang der Herzen

All Senses Yoga® for pregnant women & moms

The deep and true connection between you and your child emerges and grows deeper, the stronger and the more positive the bond between yourself, your body and your soul grows.


In these very special courses, it’s all about you and about supporting your journey to motherhood, to connect to your body and recognize its needs and to deepen the connection between you and your baby. These simple Polarity Yoga exercises will provide you with the right tools to help you be mindful and kind towards your body and soul. This will help you prepare for birth by allowing you to be in the moment, completely with yourself , strengthen your self determination and learning to use your elemental forces.

I myself had the wonderful opportunity to learn first hand, during the birth of my child how important and soothing it is, to have been able to obtain these qualities. They made the birth of my child a wonderful experience instead of something complicated and difficult.

In my courses, I want to take you on a journey, I want to guide you with mindfulness, love, appreciation, confidence, courage, trust and strength.

Because you are a gift of god and so is your child. This course is for pregnant women who are just at the beginning of their journey or almost ready to give birth. It is also for women who are hoping to become a mother soon. 

I want to empower you and your elemental force, your power as a divine creator, your primal female perfection and beauty!


I am looking forward to meeting you and your baby!


"The yoga course for expectant mothers with emmanuelle has deeply touched me. My little Boy and I could draw so much strength and energy from this course. Emanuelles words, her energy and loving nature, the kind way she readjusts are so precious and nourishing for mind, body and soul. A pregnancy yoga course we both were looking for from the very beginning; filled with love, mindfulness and many opportunities to connect. It was wonderful to just be able to let go and let yourself be guided. A present that will last forever in this heavenly time of pregnancy. I am forever grateful to have been part of this experience." Namaste, Kim - Yoga teacher Veganamaste

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