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"Life is energy in motion."


Dr. Randolph Stone

The General Session

According to Dr. R. Stone

This introductory course works on a treatment unit  within the broad spectrum of polarity bodywork (hands-on healing work) which  is called „General Session“.

During this session the body's life energy is activated and balanced using manual techniques (fully clothed).


Polarity Therapy as well as the „General Session“ combines elements from  eastern and western healing methods: polarity- typical stimulation, craniosacral therapy elements, knowledge of reflex zones in the body, osteopathy techniques as well as ayurvedic- indian principles.

During the workshop you will gain theoretical and practical understanding of the energetic anatomy, how it affects the body and how to work with it. You’ll learn to intuitively work with the knowledge resources about health and wholeness and the ability to support these, each human being is naturally gifted with.


The basics of polarity bodywork forms an attitude of  mindfulness, empathy and true acceptance. This workshop will teach you to perceive the essence of a human being and to respect their personality and their boundaries.

The General Session will be taught and practised step by step with the help of a clearly defined protocol and can be applied  right away by  health professionals, alternative medicine practitioners or an  interested layperson.


It is suitable for adults and children.​


"...We immediately got into action which helped  internalize the things we had just learned and to feel and use them accordingly. The constant  switch between being recipient and sender made it easier to understand how exactly the treatment works, what moves me, where i am blocked. What a great experience! Being in a small group was ideal too!

Martina Barwitzki, graduate März 2019




"... The participants, the ease and simplicity of our surroundings and the whole procedure, the things i personally learned and your gentle and wonderful presence, it just felt right and makes me crave more knowledge :) i met Emanuelle during a time i needed guidance, a teacher of sorts and i am so grateful. Each meeting, each workshop brings more knowledge to light and takes me a little further in my journey.”
Heidi Kraus, graduate march 2019

★ Introducing the 5 pillars of polarity (bodywork, process monitoring, body exercises, nutrition, love and mindfulness)​

★Body and energy work in polarity: scope of application and positive benefit 

★  Polarity basics: energetic anatomy and its patterns​

★ Quality of touch: sattva, rajas, tamas

​★ Development of a therapeutic standpoint and an empathetic mindset

★ gradual learning and use of the General Session on the treatment table 

★ Benefits and effects of each treatment step on the body​

★ exercising in pairs under supervision and with feedback


This polarity therapy introductory course is not only an introduction into a wonderful theory or technique, it gives me access to something great, something words cannot describe.
I can only describe my experience as returning back to my source, my inner core. During the practical part of the course i have seen and felt with every sense of my being that i am held by the divine force of the universe and mother earth and that i am loved unconditionally. It may sound abstract but the experience was real. Just like the experience of meeting my former self from another life and it helped heal an old  wound. 
 Polarity made it possible for me to understand the dynamics of the physical world and of society and to combine these with the spiritual world. 
This method of learning in order to give back to others helps me grow and literally evolve. It allows me to access my intuition and self trust.
The  most unique thing about this course is Emmanuelle herself. She helped me connect to my  life path and to experience myself as my own healer without influence of her or others experiences or opinions. That to me is incredibly valuable.
We formed a bond between women, a connection so deep i could have never imagined before. Emmanuelles Intuition and deep understanding of what every woman needs and what women can give to each other makes every encounter with her a gift: experiencing true connection, finding everything you need. Her appreciation of every life, attachment and neutrality changes my outlook on life.  Like a magical star shower the participants connect to themselves, reach awareness and self acceptance. This is what makes this course eso valuable and healing. With my deepest gratitude for you, dear Emmanuelle and for us.

Tessa Lambrich, graduate November´19


​​The polarity introductory course with Emmanuelle was like an intense and riveting journey destination, unknown. In the beginning it was my sole intention to simply learn a new technique, i quickly realised that this was going to go deeper. A journey to my inner core.Emmanuelle created an atmosphere that allowed everything that needed to come to the surface to do so. In these three days we didn't just gain theoretical  and practical knowledge, we gained self awareness, evolvement and shed some tears (not just out of sadness but out of joy or because we were moved). Looking back I feel  deep gratitude to have been able to experience this, to have practised and learned this method and to continue my path strengthened and full of trust.
​Sandra Zitzen, graduate, March 2019

♥  How satisfied were you with the course?

"It was wonderfully harmonic in the flow. I felt well taken care of and guided.”

​"I was very satisfied with the course, both personally and with the overall content.” 

​♥    This is what you liked most about the course:

"The incredible closeness, to feel this deep sense of love, to be allowed to pass on this caring, beautiful energy with such an amazing technique. Sisterhood Energy: To hold this beautiful space for self healing, to feel, to experience.
​"the high amount of practical learning and the appreciative atmosphere in which each participant was able to develop their skills."

​♥    Were you able to expand your skills with the course?

" Absolutely, the immediate bodywork was a new approach to me and my heart grew wiser."

 "Definitely, yes.Not only was I able to develop new tools and expand my competence but also they way i treat myself and others.”

​♥  This is what I appreciate about Emmanuelle:

"Her respectful nature, her gift of really seeing a person and the enthusiasm for her work."

"Your never ending resources of love and kindness, these wonderfully healing words that constantly come from you, your strength and your humility!"

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