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"Never underestimate the power of rituals."


Ernst Wilhelm Heine

Rituals and ceremonies

Live in harmony with the magic of nature

I regularly perform rituals in which we can connect with the forces of nature and come into harmony with the magic of nature. I invite you to participate in one of the rituals. 


Upon request, I also create individual rituals and ceremonies

No upcoming events at the moment

Individual ceremonies


I accompany you at the most important moments in your life. 


Meeting the souls and the hearts in mindfulness is my highest concern when I accompany you and you. 


At love confessions, baptisms and birth I draw from my medial connection with the 5 elements and to the source of all being. 


On request I create your celebration with sounds, singing, touching and healing words and rituals, in which I was initiated over many years.  


For more information and an offer please contact me for a non-binding meeting .

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