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"Oneness is the state when you feel that you live in integrity with yourself.“

Emmanuelle Collinet

More about Emmanuelle

Honestly, I'm soo happy that you're here! Welcome again.

Everything on this site comes from the bottom of my heart and the deep conviction that the true power lies in openness and sharing.

Today I can say that I’m the happiest person I know. I measure success by how happy I am and this way of viewing success has changed my entire life and last but not least incidentally filled my bank account.

Some years ago, I miscarried which led me to a great personal crisis. Through this crisis I began to understand that my ceaseless thirst for learning new things and growing in my professional life was actually something positive. The supposed changes of direction were all necessary to finally give my vocation a home.

In my holistic method All Senses® I combine my knowledge and my abilities to help you discover yourself, to be yourself and love yourself. I see you as a whole and help you discover your physical, mental and emotional abilities which will make you confidently shine in your own natural light. ​

The goal is for you to feel happy and complete.

This is why I combine the Polarity Yoga practice with my knowledge of the physical and energetic connections. That way you’ll gain an understanding of your essence and the ability to involve it in your day to day life.

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