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"Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire."  


St. Catherine of Sienna


Hi again and welcome,

I am so happy you found your way to my acting page. Here you can read about the most important details of my career.


While studying education and teaching in Münster I was also studying oratory and presentation techniques. I loved it so much more than my majors….

In 2007 I began my career as an tv- actress with the film „The young Beethoven“. I fell in love with this work and decided to profound my acting studies in Berlin at the Schauspielschule Charlottenburg in 2008.

As I was always hungry for movement I began already in acting school to write and produce my own screenplays and jumped into different film projects and theater plays all these years. I still do until today.


You can see and hear me in movies and tv- productions, as well as in commercials and audio productions national and international wide.

As a voice actress I lend my voice to all different kinds of characters. Due to my bilingual raising as a french- german kid and my perfect english I can be heard in lots of german and international tv- commercials, radio- spots and documentaries. Check it out.  



You want to book me for your next project please get in contact with my  AGENCY

I am looking forward to meeting you! 

With Love,

- Actress and Voice actress


born: in Aachen

living: in Berlin

hair colour: blond

eye colour: green

figure: slim, feminine

Height: 171 cm

seize: 36

languages: german  (first), french (first), english (second fluent), spanish (very good), dutch (basic)

voice: mezzo-sopran

sports: professional classical ballett training for over 30 years and ballroom dance, tap dance, horse                 riding, yoga, martial arts, ski and snowboard

special: transverse flute, piano, moderation, motivational speaker, energy work



2011 camera acting with u&k filmschauspiel, berlin

2010 personal acting marketing strategies with karin kleibel, berlin

2009 scene study and camera acting with monika schubert, acting studio, berlin

2008 schauspielschule charlottenburg, berlin

2007-2008 acting training with rüdiger kohlbrodt

2002- 2007 theaterlab university of münster



2016 angie - totgeglaubte leben länger,(lp)•director: daniela grieser, sat.1

2015 nana - wo ist paulchen,(lp)•director: volker schwab, sat.1

2014 marlene - der morgen danach,(lp)•director: patrick freiheit, sat.1

2013 natalie,(lp)•director: patrick freiheit, sat.1

2012 soko logik (lp)•director: tom schildberg•webseries

2011 soko wismar, brautentführung,(fp)•director: sascha thiel, zdf

2011 short stay•director: matthew newman, short

2011 god's servant sally,(lp)•director: axel hartwig, short

2010 die evil and advice show,(lp)•director: Ben Schwarz&Richard Weiß, webseries

2010 infernal nuns,(lp)•director: alex eslam, short

2009 darling princess life,(lp)•director: wolf gresenz, midlength film

08-09 deer lucy,(fp)•director: wolf gresenz•webserie

2008 du sollst nicht töten,(lp)•director: enis yarimca, short

2007 der junge beethoven•director: michael meert, wdr



2010 ghost track, (fp)•director: fabrizio rossetti, Mare Mosso s.r.l.




2010 the artus triology, part guinevere•director: mario luraschi, kaltenberger ritterturnier

2008 the sun also rises in berlin, part lady brett•director: jörg reimer, hebbel am ufer berlin

2007 mensch maschine, part the girl•director: ortwin lämke, studiobühne münster

2005 die ermittlung von peter weiß, part zeugin 5•director: ortwin lämkre, studiobühne münster


tv and radio spots: ikea, yogurette, sparkasse, otto, edeka, mc donalds, burger king, weight watchers,                                  coca-cola, ferrero rocher, federal  centre for health education...

dubbing in movies:bon appetit, the range, killer pads, super gladiator, shower blood, supergator ...

audio productions: aber ist das eine antwort?, poems from heinrich heine

                                 fühlworte, love from all over the world, volume 1&2

What acting means to me

Acting means the ultimate freedom to me. Since I was 4 years old I have been on stage as a ballerina. And dancing stories and later as an actress, as much as a voice actress, gives me the opportunity to hijack people into a world of love and magic. It is my way to connect me from heart to heart and forget about the instilled „how-to-be-me“. It´s another place without fear; a way of interconnection between human beings.

Ever since I am also working as a Polarity practitioner I have more success than ever- why?

Because I decided to measure my success in how happy I am. And this apparently also shows on camera....

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