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"Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire."  


St. Catherine of Sienna

Acting Polarity® combines acting and voice techniques with energetic-emotional bodywork. With this holistic approach, we´ll find and transform your true physical and emotional composure. Once you’ve adopted it as your own your overall appearance improves in its core.

Each ActingPolarity® session lasts 2 hours. It is an intense work on your internal as external attitude towards yourself and your "audience".

In the first hour, we focus on the acting part. We work on your presentation skills to discover your unique style. I give you tools that are designed around your wants and needs. We dig deep to find the real you, so you can finally let it out and be the most charming version of yourself.


In the second hour, I’ll focus on you through the energetic bodywork and coaching. I’ll fix malpositions as well as physical, emotional and mental limitations. This allows you to engage with your audience in a more authentic and powerful way. This body work potentiates the lessons learned in the first hour and will get you to your destination faster.

Acting Polarity®

"Connect with your own heart, then you truly connect and reach people!" 

For whom is AP

ActingPolarity® is beneficial to all who need to perform in front of an audience. The list includes, but is not limited to:


  • Coaches, seminar leaders

  • Executives, managers, politicians

  • Artists: visual artists, singers, actors

  • Motivational speakers, public speakers

  • Spokespersons

  • Radio and television reporters, presenters

  • Sales representatives

  • Teachers


  • Presentations and speeches

  • Casting preparation

  • Roles preparation

  • Job interviews


Content of the training hours

1st hour : ACTING

Practical exercises

  • breathing

  • speaking

  • walking

  • standing

Body & language training

  • non-verbal communication

  • posture and composure

  • inner smile

  • speaking through your eyes

  • mindfulness

  • spark your enthusiasm

Tools for strengthening your...

  • attitude

  • courage

  • intention

  • authenticity

  • solution of barriers

  • connection to your heart


Body- Energy-Work & Coaching:

Find the cause of your blockages and solve them.

Blockages include but are not limited to: poor posture, squeaky voice, inauthentic presence, performance anxiety, poor connection to the audience or the character, fear, voice failure, blushing, stuttering etc.
Find and release connections between past experiences and your current emotional composure and physical posture.
Bring body, mind and spirit into balance so that emotional and physical limitations are permanently altered.

Benefits of ActingPolarity®: the combination of acting training and energetic bodywork

  • Your own, distinctive style

  • Your strong and convincing presence on “stage”

  • A way to grab and keep the attention of your audience

  • The right body language to express both sovereignty and ease

By strengthening your true appearance and presence, you’ll have the courage to show who you are, win your “audience" and finally feel fulfilled.


ActingPolarity® Session

SINGLE TRAINING                       2h          160€


GROUP TRAINING                       3h          120€


FLY ME IN                                      tbd         tbd

All prices are exclusive of 19% VAT.

Moisés García

Life coach, Founder of Swim Latina


Emmanuelle has a profound understanding of the energy flowing through the human beings. With her coaching skills and through her therapy given with her hands she achieves to give harmony to this energy.

In my case as swimming and life coach she helped me profoundly on my why becoming a businessman. 

Emmanuelle with her knowledge in the energy work of Polarity and with her acting skills,  helped me so much with my self-esteem and confidence, my security feeling and authenticity.... And something so important: with her help I understood my corporal language, how it influences relationships, how to change and use it, as it is fundamental in order to relate closely and trustworthy with my clients and especially to talk  and present in public.  I feel, walk and talk differently and this has shown in higher numbers. With her help in the coaching sessions I also concentrated in my true purpose and dared to think and play big. I trust myself that I can do it and present it proudly to the world!

I would have never thought that the work of ActingPolarity would get me to the point to have the courage to finally be myself.

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